Board Members

The Board of the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association consists of nine members.  The Board of Directors are nominated and voted upon by the general membership for one or two year terms. The board members below were elected at the general meeting on March 17, 2019.


David Winslow — PRESIDENT

Resident of Lindberg Park since 2000, I live on the corner of Rhoda and Cota.  Married to Kathleen for over 30 years. Retired engineer from Raytheon/Hughes (35 years).  Father of five children, four who have completed CCMS and CCHS, one currently a junior at CCHS.  Two of my daughters are nurses, my son is a mechanical engineer.  One daughter is a freshman in college studying biomedical engineering.  I am also a youth pastor at my church.  Many hobbies including woodworking, running and  tennis. You might have met me the past couples years when I was redoing my front and back yards.

I have been a Block Captain for a dozen or so years, and am the back-up for Ira Diamond for the Neighborhood Watch.  I generated the by-laws we are currently considering as the founding documents for our Neighborhood Association.  I'd like to be on the board to help ensure the organization starts strong, and meets our expectations.


I’ve lived on Pickford Way with my wife Sue for 34 years and in Culver City since 1976. Sue and I raised our two boys here and were active in the school system, Boy and Cub Scouts, and the Lindberg 4th of July Parade. I’m currently active in Neighborhood Watch and the nonprofit Shoes for the Homeless. I retired from The Boeing Corp in 2013 after 34 years in management. I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors of the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association and continue my efforts to make this one of the nicest places to live on the Westside.

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I am excited to participate in the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association as Secretary and Member of the Board. I've lived in Lindberg Park since 2010 with my husband and two sons, who attend Farragut Elementary. I've also worked in Culver City for Sony Pictures since 2004 so I've observed firsthand the incredible and ongoing transformation of our city.   I'm a CERT member and a current Block Captain.  I look forward to becoming more closely involved with this great community as a part of our new Neighborhood Association. Lindberg Park is truly a special place and my family and I are lucky and grateful to live here.

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greg arnold — MEMBER AT-LARGE

I am excited about the opportunity to create an even greater community within Lindberg Park and I believe the Neighborhood Association is a great way to help organize activities, increase communication, bring everyone together, and help make our neighborhood even better. I have been a Culver City resident for over a decade, and a Lindberg Park resident for nearly 7 years. During that time, I’ve come to know many of you and to appreciate the community we share. Our family is actively involved in everything that Lindberg Park has to offer. My wife Monica is involved in the 4th of July Committee, and my two boys love playing at the park and going to school at Farragut. I would be honored to be a part of the Neighborhood Association Board of Directors to help continue to foster the sense of community that makes Lindberg Park such a great place to live.


My name is Jim Beyer. I have lived in Lindberg Park with my family for 47 years. I have also been a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain for 25 years and have been involved with our disaster preparedness program for years. I walk my dog SweetPea twice daily throughout the neighborhood and talk to lots of people and always keep an eye on things. I am an organizer, am CERT certified and am a graduate of the Citizen Police Academy. I raised my kids in Lindberg Park and would like to be on the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association Board.




As a 20-year resident of Lindberg Park, our family was attracted here first by the schools and parks. As a bonus, we discovered a community of neighbors and friends. My girls played in Lindberg Park and started pre-school at La Playa at the Stone House. I have served as both a block captain and a Treasurer for the Neighborhood Watch for the last 8 years and would like to continue to serve in the community as the Board Treasurer.


I have lived on Fairbanks Way in Lindberg Park since 2011 and in Los Angeles since 2002.  My wife Katherine has a successful business in Culver City and my daughters Carmen and Francesca attend Farragut Elementary School.  I currently serve as Co-President of the Farragut Fan Club (booster club), sit on the School Site Council, and am very actively involved with the school district. I have held professional positions in investment banking, music business, internet start-ups, advertising, and entertainment, and am currently working as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker.   

I love living in Lindberg Park and consider it a gift that my family and I are able to call it home.  I also understand that with all the changes currently taking place in Culver City and Los Angeles, we have to be proactive in protecting our neighborhood and the people who live here to ensure those things we love about the area are not encroached upon.  We need to advocate for Lindberg Park with the City and its municipal departments to ensure our streets are well-lit and safe, traffic is managed to protect pedestrians, and the park facilities are maintained.  We also need to have a vision for how Lindberg Park will develop in the coming years and provide a strong voice with the City in shaping their larger plan for the community.  And we must continue to support the excellent work Ira and the Block Captains are doing to keep us prepared for any emergencies.

I’m excited for the potential of the Neighborhood Association and would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors.




My husband Ian and I planted roots in Culver City in 2011 when we fell in love with this picturesque tree-lined neighborhood in the middle of Los Angeles. Lindberg Park became home for our new family. Our first addition was our senior rescue dog Peter in 2013, and in the Fall 2016, we welcomed our son Luke home. Through raising our two boys, our family has become well integrated into the fabric of Culver City and all this small-town has to offer. As LA-transplants, we rely on our community to enhance our life today and achieve positive change for our next generation.

This is a very exciting time of change for Culver City. With it comes growth and diversity, but it also requires community involvement to ensure we guide that change in a thoughtful, positive direction. This Neighborhood Association will help us facilitate our voice as Lindberg Park residents. I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors as it is my personal mission to help bridge the gap between generations, new and old families, to create an even stronger neighborhood network.