July 4th Neighborhood Celebration
10:00 AM10:00

July 4th Neighborhood Celebration

Mark your calendars… Everyone, get ready for our annual July 4th neighborhood celebration!

There will be bouncy houses, sno-cones, reptiles, live music, and more. The parade starts at 10:30AM!

8:00am - Party Setup - Come help us!

10:30am - Parade Starts at Rhoda & Ocean

11:00am - Potluck & Neighborhood Party

12:00pm - Reptile Show, Games, Live Music

Donations (suggested amount is $25 per family) are welcome and due by Sunday June 23rd. Email lindbergparkblockparty@gmail.com or go to linbergpark.org/july4th for more info.

Rick Hodges created this event in 1990 to bring the neighborhood together. It has grown and continues to be the community event of the year, planned by volunteers and fueled by generosity.

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