Activation Instructions


In the event of a major disaster, local government resources may not be available initially.  We request that you follow the following instructions.  

What You Need to Do:

  1. Make sure that you and your family are safe and that you implement your own personal disaster plan.

  2. Put new batteries into your walkie-talkie and turn it on to channel 12-0,

  3. For all block captains, NERT members, alternate block captains and medical professionals:  Call in on your walkie-talkie on channel 12-0 to let our “command center” know that you are OK and currently in the neighborhood.  Please state your name and street.

  4. Block captains and alternate block captains as a team walk your block trying to identify injuries, looking for OK signs or Help signs. Call in this information to us on your walkie-talkie.  Do not enter any possibly damaged structures/homes if you are not trained.

  5. NERT members and medical professionals should proceed to our command center which is located in the Lindberg Park barbecue area.  

  6. Medical supplies and teams (NERT members and medical professionals) will be deployed in teams to where the injuries are located.

  7. We will keep everyone updated as news develops.  

  8. Initially, we will most likely function autonomously (could be a few days or much longer), but later we will coordinate with local authorities.

  9. Disaster Plan “Command Center” Coordinators:

    Ira Diamond - Neighborhood Watch 

    June Walden - Coordinator 

    Peter Huang - Coordinator