Lindberg Park Visioning Committee Meeting Notes - 3/20/19

Meeting Date: March 20, 2019

Guest Speaker: Ashley Hefner, Advance Planning Manager, Culver City

The General Plan is a city's blueprint or constitution for future development.

It sets the community's long-range vision and establishes clear goals, objectives, strategies and actions to guide the community through its next 20 plus years of change towards that vision.

Why updates and why now? A State requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Parts of the existing document dates back to 1968. Culver City has changed and will continue to change. How will we respond to and plan for change?

Neighbor's concerns:

 1. Impact of surrounding Los Angeles development, such as Overland/Washington and Jefferson/La Cienega.

 2.Pedestrian access to Shopping Centers for more walk ability and safety, such as Target, PetSmart and Pavillion.  

3. Dangerous Intersections leaving LP, such as Overland/Ocean, Dobson/Jefferson.  Dangerous cross walks for students crossing the foot bridge at Ocean/Westwood. 

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