About the Neighborhood Association

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The association serves the 400+ homeowners and residents of Lindberg Park in Culver City, California, which are located southwest of Overland Ave, northwest of Jefferson Blvd, north of Dobson Way and southeast of Ocean Dr.

Our Mission

The purpose of the association shall be to help support the overall safety, community and well-being of the Lindberg Park neighborhood through community awareness, engagement and action.



The association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine directors - a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other general officers. The first board of directors was elected at the inaugural general meeting on March 17, 2019.


The Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association is a “California Unincorporated Association.” All residents (whether homeowners or renters) are automatically part of the association. Dues are not required.

General meetings are held at least once a year, including an annual meeting for the election of directors.  General meetings cover the status of various endeavors which are usually managed by particular committees.

The Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association was formed in 2019, with this set of by-laws, adopted at the inaugural general meeting in March 2019.